Green Values

Being green is not an option, in today’s society I feel we all need to do our bit. This includes how we run our businesses, not just our homes. I’m doing my bit by:

•  Offsetting carbon used when driving to and from commissions – I just offset all my mileage
•  Offsetting carbon from use of my home office – I have taken to just offsetting all fossil fuel consumption, including electricity for the entire household, by doing this supporting the development and research of new and clean energy
•  Using only recycled paper products for stationery
•  Only printing where absolutely necessary
•  Using sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly albums

Without wanting to go all deep on this matter, I feel it is absolutely necessary to protect the world in which we live, after all, it is the only one we have and the only one our children and grandchildren will have. Collectively we can change and even undo some of the damage we have caused to the earth. I have been a Greenpeace supporter since the age of eighteen and feel strongly that keeping the environment healthy and as clean as possible should be our number one priority.